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Thai Foot Massage


Thai Foot massage

What is Thai Foot Massage?

Thai Foot Massage includes elements of Shitasu, Reflexology, Chinese massage and Yoga. In Eastern healing traditions it is accepted that there are 12 major energy pathways, called Meridians, which run through an internal organ, link it to other parts of the body and end in "pressure points" and the work on these “points” stimulates the body to restore balance to the corresponding area. This, together with hip and feet stretches and massage of the feet, makes this a relaxing experience for the whole body.

It can reduce stiffness and deep seated tension in the muscles, kick-start the circulation and can improve flexibility in the feet, legs and hips. All in all it can bring back the “spring in your step” and give some much needed “TLC” to the most neglected and hard working muscles in the body.

The Thai Foot Massage Session

The treatment will start with a consultation to gather information regarding your symptoms and general health. Janice will then assist you onto the massage couch as you do not need to remove any clothing; just wear loose fitting trousers or leggings.

Each appointment allows time to review your last treatment, your needs for the present treatment and time to relax at the end. Our aim is to provide you with an ‘oasis’ in which to unwind and escape the pressures of day to day living, whilst giving restorative care to your body. 

If you have a medical condition you may have to consult your GP before undertaking a treatment. Please ask for further information. 

Call us today on 0774 695 7822 to book your treatment and restore the balance in your life.

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