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Hands Free Massage gives a deep massage to losen tension


What is Hands Free massage?

Hands free massage utilizes deep stretches and soothing strokes to prepare for the deep work with elbows and forearms, which gives a deep, effective massage. These techniques can be used as a stand-alone treatment or incorporated into a Swedish Massage routine which can help release painful and chronically tense muscles. It can help stiff necks, sore shoulders and lower back tightness by loosening tension and increasing circulation which can restore normal movement to these areas.

It is a wonderfully refreshing massage which helps restore your flexibility and increase your energy.

The Hands Free Massage Session

The treatment will start with a consultation to gather information regarding your symptoms and general health to allow a blend of oils to be recommended for your particular needs. Janice will then leave the room to allow you to undress and get on the massage couch. During the massage, all parts of the body not being treated will be covered by a towel. It is recommended that you leave the oils on overnight, if possible, to gain the maximum benefits from the therapeutic properties of the oils.

Each appointment allows time to review your last treatment, your needs for the present treatment and time to relax at the end. Our aim is to provide you with an ‘oasis’ in which to unwind and escape the pressures of day to day living, whilst giving restorative care to your body. 

If you have a medical condition you may have to consult your GP before undertaking a treatment. Please ask for further information. 

Call us today on 0774 695 7822 to book your treatment and restore the balance in your life.

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