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Eastern Face Massage induces deep relaxation


What is Eastern Face Massage?

Eastern Face Massage is based on the Ayurvedic face massage. It combines gentle repetitive strokes with work on accupressure points on the face and head, to induce a feeling of deep relaxation of both mind and body. It is surprising how tension builds up in the face and it is possible to be carrying the effects of stress and strain on the face without realising it.

This treatment can help your mind to “stop talking” and take a rest from the “hamster wheel” and just concentrate on the soft soothing strokes. When your mind is rested you feel more able to deal with every day challenges. Eastern Face Massage also encourages lymph drainage, eases muscle tension, stimulates circulation, and can enhance the quality of your sleep.

The Eastern Face Massage Session

The treatment will start with a consultation to gather information regarding your symptoms, feelings and what you expect from the massage, to allow a blend of oils to be recommended for your particular needs. There is no need to remove your clothes for this treatment and Janice will then assist you onto the couch and then leave the room to blend the oils. It is recommended that you leave the oils on overnight, if possible, to gain the maximum benefits from the therapeutic properties of the oils.

Each appointment allows time to review your last treatment, your needs for the present treatment and time to relax at the end. Our aim is to provide you with an ‘oasis’ in which to unwind and escape the pressures of day to day living, whilst giving restorative care to your body. 

If you have a medical condition you may have to consult your GP before undertaking a treatment. Please ask for further information. 

Call us today on 0774 695 7822 to book your treatment and restore the balance in your life.

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